Our robust solution reduces printing costs, generates revenue for your institution and enhances the technology experience for students and staff.
Users can print from any web-enabled device, choose the closest print location and select their payment preferences. It’s a self-service, fully managed communications system available 24/7, connecting web-enabled Internet devices with school and district technologies anywhere.

With ePRINTit’s Kiosk Stations available on campus, enable the exchange of information to be constant, accessible and cost-effective to users. In today’s mobile world, virtually no one in higher learning institutions is bound to a desk or a formal classroom, so instead, provide printing solutions that integrate seamlessly into the lives of your staff, students and visitors, so they can live, work and play on-the-go™.

Replace outdated, cumbersome, expensive printers with ePRINTit’s Kiosk Stations and earn more revenue, attract more users and reduce IT support.

Build sustainable income for your institution by diversifying revenue streams with services like cloud printing. Let students pay for print jobs with their student cards, making transactions easy for them and profitable for your institution.

For further leverage, offer students who print promotional coupons and discounts to surrounding businesses and encourage students to continuously benefit from printing at your institution.

Alleviate strain on your IT support and eliminate laborintensive printing costs and with ePRINTit’s automated, fully managed service. With a plug and play setup, the system is connected wirelessly with virtually no IT support required.

Completely outsource your printing solutions to ePRINTit and let us brand, install, monitor and support your Kiosk Stations 24/7. Create positive cash flow without upfront costs.

Offer cloud printing on campus and join an elite network of providers who are recognized in ePRINTit’s directory of Public Print Locations.

Whenever a user searches for a print location in your vicinity, your institution is shown in the search results. You don’t have to find these mobile customers – they’ll find you.
Access Points

ePRINTit™ is accessible for students, faculty and visitors in a number of ways:
The Web Portal
The school branded ePortal includes management reporting and a private student portal for job storage that tracks expenses. Students and administrators can login and manage their account, upload or drag/drop files, run detailed reports and add funds to their account.
Mobile App
With military-grade encryption to secure and protect customer data during rest and transit, all transactions are safe and secure.
Student Email
We support the widest range of document and image types so customers can easily print what they want, when they want (i.e. documents, passports pictures, passport forms and more).
Give your customers the services they want. Offer convenience, support their productivity and reward them for printing with frequent in-store promotions.
Pay-for-Print Cloud Solutions

ePRINTit™ is accessible for students, faculty and visitors in a number of ways:
Self Service Kiosks, Touch Screen Printers & Integrated Release Stations
Any print device can be connected via USB cable.
LDAP Integration
Seamless integration with your institution’s LDAP.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Students and faculty login with their ID and password.
Real Time Management
Get real time management and monitoring support 24/7.
Print Management
Tools and reporting that support today’s higher education.