White Papers


A white paper is an authoritative, research-based document that presents information, expert analysis, and an organization or author’s insight into a topic or solution to a problem.

The Hybrid Office

Help grow your business by providing advanced digital services and expanded customer loyalty by providing geo-located and branded services for secure printing, scanning, and copying, worldwide. Enable payment on account or use one of many integrated certified payment gateways available globally.

What is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing is a relatively new technology that found its early roots in 2010 when Google released Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud print was retired in 2020, but it helped pave the wave for other companies who have been developing more advanced print, scan, and copy functions.

Secure Mobile Printing with ePRINTit Public Print Locations

This whitepaper outlines the technical technology used by the ePRINTit public printing location system to ensure the highest levels of data security in regard to mobile printing, job submission, communication, back-end cloud, encryption, right to access, etc.

Set up a Secure Cloud Print Environment For Public Print Locations

This whitepaper will explore the features of the Public ePRINTit™ printing solutions, and detail the journey of the print job from the point of upload to the retrieval of the hard copy document.

How to Ensure Secure Student Printing for Higher Education

This whitepaper explores the technical setup and features of student printing locations for higher education and details the journey of the print job from the point a student uploads a file to the retrieval of the hard copy document.

SaaS Vs. Dedicated Cloud

A discussion paper that explains the difference between a SaaS Cloud solution and a dedicated server in the cloud solution.


ePRINTit SaaS – Features for the visually impaired

This whitepaper outlines the specific features of the ePRINTit SaaS solution in support of the visually impaired. It deals directly with how SaaS solutions are better designed and equipped to support the development and future features in support of assistive services.


SaaS Cloud Printing for the Hospitality Industry

This whitepaper elucidates the compelling top 10 incentives for the hospitality sector to opt for a SaaS print solution for guest printing.

Additionally, it provides insights derived from an analysis of guest printing usage data from 100 hotels and inns.