Use the latest Guest Printing Technology

  • No staff wasted time on guest printing.
  • Low cost of ownership regarding hotel IT.
  • No Business Centre or Guest PC required.

  • Convenience for the guest on any device.
  • Guests just need internet!
  • A private self-Service printing experience.

  • Compliance and cyber security.
  • Protect yourself and be GDPR Compliant.
  • Staff don’t need to receive and open guest print jobs.


The Biggest Challenges in Guest Printing Faced by the Hospitality Industry

Complicated Process

Staff Wasted Time

Staff waste a significant amount of time printing guest jobs, causing distractions from more critical tasks. This can result in frustration at the front desk and a negative experience for both guests and staff.

Unused Business Centers

Nowadays, guests bring their own technology to hotels, such as smartphones or laptops. As a result, your investment in guest PCs remains underutilized. While guests still require printing services, maintaining guest PCs solely for printing purposes is too costly.

Receiving Gueasts-Unsecured Files

Receiving Guests Unsecured Files

It's uncertain what might occur when your staff opens a file sent by a guest. Any file could be infected with various types of viruses or malware, quickly spreading to your staff's computers. This could initiate a chain of events that continues to infect your network-attached systems.

Confidentiality and Security

Print Job Confidentiality &

How do you protect the guest documents they send for printing? Are you ensuring GDPR and privacy compliance within your hotel? Do you have a remediation process in place to remove these files from your hotel devices, email systems, and network?

Limited Device Options

Providing Support for Modern Guest Tech

Guests bring a variety of technology with them, including Apple or Windows laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and Apple or Android smartphones. Hotels often face challenges in offering a universal self-service solution that ensures privacy for guests when printing documents

Watch our 3-minute video about one of our most used printing features in hotels around the world.

Additional Advantages to Business Owners

Time Savings

Staff Time

A full self-service means no staff wasted time on printing guest documents.​

Lower IT Spend

No Business Centre required

It’s a full cloud technology thus lowering your onsite IT requirements

Cybersecurity Protection


No guest documents gain a footprint inside the hotel network.

Customer Satisfaction


Elevate guest print experience with its ease of use.

Simply scan a QR code and get directed to a new type of technology that looks and feels like a real APP without installing one!

Demo what your customers will experience

Web Portal


Web App

Notice: Any document you send through this portal or web APP for demo purposes are being sent to a locked encrypted storage container that will auto delete, instead of going to an actual printer for output.

ePRINTit™’s Hospitality Printing Solutions features a powerful, secure cloud processing system that enables your customers with the convenience of printing on the go and using their own devices!

File Types Supported: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .doc, .docx, .pub, .rtf, .htm, .txt, .html, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .odt, .xps, .ods, .odp
Max File Size: 100 MB

See ePrintit in action.

Email Printing

Email Printing

The email submission process requires the guest to simply send an email with their documents attached, we do the rest…

QR Code Printing

QR Code Printing

This is by far the most modern and widely used print submission option for guest at hotels that use our solutions.

Web Upload Printing

Over 165+ Language selection and full featured for the visually impaired with UserWay™.

The World’s Leading Hospitality Cloud Print Solution

Trusted by Thousands Worldwide and a preferred solution by the largest brands in Hospitality

Discover the power of ePRINTit and lower your IT spend on guest technology. A modern look and feel to the guest experiences that gives them peace of mind when printing their documents at your hotel.

ePRINTit technologies have been implemented at over 15,000 Hotels globally and used my Millions of travels across the world.

Enable this modern guest printing technology today and give your guests the convenience they deserve.

  • 15,000+ Hotels globally
  • Over 13,000+ Libraries and community centers
  • Serving Over 2.5 Million Students in Colleges & Universities
  • Preferred by 100’s of Leading Enterprise Companies and Global Brands


"ePRINTit saved my presentation when I forgot to print important slides!"AmandaBusiness Traveler
"I love being able to print tickets right before heading to an event."MarkEvent Goer
"It's easy, reliable, and has saved me time at the airport."MichaelTravel Enthusiast
"I walked into the hotel lounge for a meeting and ended up printing my documents using ePRINTit"DavidExecutive

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ePRINTit SaaS ™ –
The Modern Hospitality Guest Printing Experience

The future of Cloud Printing is Flexible, Accessible, and Secure wherever and whenever you want it.

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Download the ePRINTit™ SaaS mobile app Hospitality Edition and take your guest printing experience to another level! With added integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Office 365, email clients and more! Guests can drive their whole experience from their own device, its Private & Secure!

ePRINTit SaaS ™ – The Modern Hospitality Guest Printing Experience

The future of Cloud Printing is Flexible, Accessible, and Secure wherever and whenever you want it.

Book a Demo today to embark on a new era of hassle-free printing for your Guests!