Printer Embedded Release Station

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Embedded Printer Release Station

As a business owner, drive traffic to your door and create a marketplace to connect people who need to print with print locations. It’s ideal for boardrooms, convention centers, hotels, large condominiums, coffee shops, convenience stores, libraries etc.

Recognized as a global leader for our development of Public Printing Solutions, ePRINTit™ is revolutionizing the way customers live, work and play on-the-go™. Join our solution and change the way people print in a shared economy, all the while leveraging your brand and revenue opportunities.

Product Information

2 Different Versions: Simple code release with print preview and options for hospitality or fully embedded kiosk solution for retail, higher education with print, copy, scan, payment and directory authentication and document storage.

Cloud-Based Mobile Public Printing Service and Software (Saas Interface on enabled printers) document and payment processing service. Includes software download for printer, which is directed to the ePRINTit™ Public Printing Location cloud service. Service is provided on a month or annual basis.

Security Safeguards

  • Files are encrypted at rest and in transport and are processed into print ready files that are only released after the sender enters their unique 8-digit activation code
  • ePRINTit™ systems authenticate hosts and users
  • All communications are sent over HTTPs
  • Public Print Location (PPL) server is authenticated with the latest SHA-2 SSL certificate
  • SSL certificate attributes (expiration, revocation, server identity)
  • Ensure users requesting printing jobs are registered in PPL, otherwise, register the This is not authentication; it ensures the printing jobs have an email address associated in PPL user database
  • Data stored is using a cryptographic hash function that is SHA2
  • Check all types of credentials for adherence to respective credential policy (e. expiration, complexity for password, expiration, revocation for certificates)
  • Every application that reach’s PPL is connected to a unified Rest API


Adaptable for all service areas and businesses

As a business owner, drive traffic to your location and create a marketplace to connect people who need to print at public print locations. Ideal for meeting rooms, hotels, convention centers, large condos, coffee shops, convenience stores, libraries, courthouses and other high traffic areas.

Optimize customer experience with services they want and need

Give customers the convenience and flexibility to print from all common documents and image types (Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDFs, Image files, HTML files, text & rich text files, and XPS).

Cater to your customers and optimize their experience

Customers want accessibility at their fingertips, and now they have it. Access the cloud-based solution through a single email account (for a company or a location), or by using ePRINTit Mobile or desktop drivers.

Generate additional revenue with multiple revenue streams

Business owners have the opportunity to develop a new source of awareness and traffic for their locations. In turn, this creates opportunity for additional add-on purchases in store.

Leverage your business

Gives customers the ability to print at your business and leverage your brand as a one-stop service hub. For additional brand exposure, your business is branded on the geo-location site of available printers and email return functions.


Get the ePRINTit Enterprise Mobile APP

Check out the all-new ePRINTit™ Mobile app for Enterprise & Educational Institutions. This app allows users to create their own accounts and is specifically for enterprise and educational institutions where authenticated user printing is required.