Why Become a Public Printing Location (PPL)

Leverage your business as the go-to hub servicing all their needs


Benefits of Public Printing Locations For Your Hospitality or Retail Business

Your customers need to print and they need accessible, convenient printing locations to service this demand. Become a Public Printing Location (PPL) provider and migrate your business to a cost-effective cloud solution, enabling your customers to print while they live, work and play on-the-goTM.

Provide our all-in-one print solutions for your customers and leverage your business as the go-to hub servicing all their needs. Your business will be recognized worldwide in our directory of PPLs, so whenever a user searches for a PPL in your vicinity, your business will show up.

Attract more customers to your business and earn more revenue from your customers, it’s that simple! You don’t have to find these mobile customers – they’ll find you.

Use Your Existing Resources: Modernize your printing environment and existing print infrastructure with ePRINTit. You can turn your existing printers into a release station that guests can send and retrieve their print jobs from.

Reduce Strain on IT: ePRINTit is a Cloud SaaS solution, meaning no additional IT is required or costly print servers. Our fully hosted and managed solution reduces the strain on your IT support, allowing you to focus on your guests and their experience.

Generate Additional Revenue: ePRINTit is the most cost-effective solution on the market for hotels – it’s less than $1 a day! You can also generate additional revenue by deploying it as a pay-for-print solution. Easily charge guests through our e-commerce and m-commerce solution without expensive add-ons.

Branded Email Address: Guests can send their documents to your hotel’s branded email address (hotel@eprintitservice.com) and can release their document at ANY enabled printer in your fleet of hotels!

Turnkey Solution: Easily implement our system into your current business processes. As an ePRINTit™ partner, your business logo and information will be visible to all mobile customers searching for a print station nearby.’

Attract New Customers: If you’re a hotel, retailer, convenience store, coffee shop, or a Library that wants to become a service provider, it’s a quick and seamless implementation that provides you with new repeat customers and revenue. Allow your clients to print on the go while they grab their coffee, borrow a book, or pick up some groceries!’

Secure Solution: With military-grade encryption to secure and protect customer data during rest and transit, all transactions are safe and secure.

Versatile Printing: With military-grade encryption to secure and protect customer data during rest and transit, all transactions are safe and secure.

Go Green IT: Promote shared printing between your business and customers.

Real Time Management: Get real time management, troubleshooting and monitoring support 24/7.


Benefits of Public Printing Locations for Your Customers

Today, with thing moving to the cloud, it is no surprise that cloud business services has also expanded into printing. Cloud printing is a service that allows your customers to print their documents on the go, from any device connected to the cloud network.

ePRINTit’s public printing service eliminates customers the set up frustration of traditional printing done through setting up physical cables and instead links the printer and device to allow the printer to receive digital data via the cloud.

As a result, your customers will be able to experience convenient and reliable public printing across the public cloud network, regardless of the physical hardware being used at your business location.

Ease of Use: The ePRINTit solution is easy for all guests to use – even non-technical ones! Guests simply email the files they want to print to your hotel’s branded email address and visit a print release station where they type in their 8-digit release code to retrieve their print jobs.

Eliminate Security Concerns: Almost all guests travel with their mobile devices and computers, yet when they need to print, they still have to log on to business centre computers or send private documents to the front desk. This creates massive security concerns for guests and hotels alike. ePRINTit enables secure mobile guest printing directly from the guest’s device and uses a secure release code system to keep all documents private.

Cost: The use of cloud printing allows you to print on-demand from any public print station, saving you the cost of having to purchase a personal printer or re-purchase paper, ink, toner etc.

Environmentally Friendly: Being an advocate of protecting the environment, cloud printing helps reduce your carbon footprint. By printing documents over the cloud to public printers, you will lower carbon emissions from transportation and reduce the amount of overall waste generated.

Convenience: The use of public printing enables your customers the convenience to print anything they want, whenever they want, where ever they are using their smart phone or any mobile device to print without having to worry about print driver or compatibility issues.

Document Security:  Enable customers to have secure file access to their mobile device, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, email accounts and document printing all from one app! All documents are securely encrypted during both rest/transfer and are only released at the print station once customers have been authenticated.


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ePRINTit Public Print is a secure, global, mobile printing platform connecting people who need to print to geo-located ePRINTit service providers offering free or paid print services. The ePRINTit PPL App connects thousands of Convenience Stores, Public Libraries, Copy and Print Shops, Lodging and major Hotels around the world.