How it Works?

Learn how ePRINTit’s cloud based SaaS solution allows you to securely access your documents and print them at thousands of locations across the world!

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How to use ePRINTit Mobile

eprintit mobile how it works

Begin by downloading the ePRINTit™ mobile application! Then simply log on from your device, view any of your files, select the ones you’d like to print, and send them off to the ePRINTit cloud!

Next, make your way to your desired ePRINTit™ partner location, authenticate, pay, and grab your documents in a matter of seconds! Additional document access and upload points also include direct email, web portal, and direct USB release options.

Start Printing in a Few Easy Steps:

Select your files: Select the files you’d like to print before sending them off to the secure ePRINTit™ cloud. You can access all your files, regardless of the device or cloud storage account they are stored on.

Send to print: Send your files off to be stored securely in the cloud as you make your way to the printing station. With end to end 256-bit encryption, your documents will be securely encrypted while at rest and in transit.

Find your nearest printer: Using the built-in geo-location feature, find the closest ePRINTit™ public print location and make your way there! You can even send someone on the other side of the world the code and they can retrieve everything securely at an enabled Partner location.

Authenticate:  Mobile and web-portal users receive a secure 8-digit release code directly on the app or web portal respectively, while users opting for the email release option receive an email reply with the 8-digit release code. Enter your 8-digit passcode to gain secure access to your awaiting print jobs.

Pay and print: Preview your files right at the print station to ensure you are printing the correct files. Pay at vendor or through ePRINTit™ mobile or web automated payment solutions. You can then retrieve your files from the print station.

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ePRINTit Cloud Printing Technology

ePRINTit™’s cloud printing solution enables end users to maximize their productivity by allowing secure access and printing from all of their favorite cloud storage accounts, as well as physical device memory, all from a single platform.

With over 30,000 print locations across the world, users experience a higher degree of freedom and mobility, as they can travel to almost anywhere across the world and securely print their documents directly from their handheld devices.

With secure encryption of all print jobs from their upload to hard-copy retrieval, the software provides complete protection of all confidential user documents, so that they do not need to worry about possible security breaches.

Document Access Points and Upload

ePRINTit™’s cloud printing solution offers users a variety of accessible ways through which they can access and upload their print documents for printing on campus.

Users can logon to the ePRINTit™ web portal from any web-connected device and upload their desired print files directly to the ePRINTit™ cloud, manage their account and funds, and view previously executed print jobs. They can also download their original documents to make any further edits.

Users can also download and install the ePRINTit mobile application on their mobile devices, for simple, secure access to their private user accounts. Users can manage their documents and funds, access their files from their favorite cloud repositories or physical device memory, and select files for printing to the print station, all from within the mobile application. Users will also be able to find and obtain directions to their nearest printer directly from their mobile application.

Additionally, users can send their documents via attaching them to an email sent to a
designated ePRINTit enable email address. In return, users receive a randomized, secure 8-digit release code and their documents are also uploaded into their user account.

Finally, if users wish to avoid using the cloud, and would like to print through direct connection, they can save their documents onto a USB storage device, which can then be taken to participating USB-enabled printer stations.

Print Document Retrieval

ePRINTit™ offers three different mechanisms for print job release, including Kiosk stations, Desktop or Tablet Release stations, and Printer Release stations.

Users using the Kiosk stations interface with a highly user-friendly system, enables them to release their documents either directly from USB storage drives, logging into their ePRINTit™ portal, or entering the 8-digit release code they received while using the email option (release code can also be seen on the mobile app).

Users can then proceed to preview their pending print jobs and ensure document correctness, pay from their user account funds or via on screen payment options including all major credit card types, and finally obtain their documents.

Printing via the Desktop or Tablet Release station encounter the same user interface and steps as the Kiosk, however, implemented on a PC or tablet, that is attached to any default printer, effectively turning existing printers into revenue generating devices. If the institution chooses to employ an attendant at the print station, users can alternatively pay the attendant.

The Printer Release stations consist of printers embedded with ePRINTit™’s cloud software solution. Users enter their 8-digit release codes, preview their print jobs and select any customization options they’d like to apply to their documents. Users then follow on screen payment options similar to the Kiosk, or alternatively pay an attendant where applicable.

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