TBS Enhances Their Library & Higher Education Portfolio with ePRINTit Cloud Printing Technology

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Today’s Business Solutions, Inc. chooses ePRINTit Secure Cloud solutions to enhance their Library and Education market portfolio using advanced cloud and mobile printing technology.  

For almost 30 years, Todays Business Solutions Inc., also known simply as TBS, has been a trusted Partner in providing technology solutions in the Public Library and Higher education markets throughout North America.   

Library and student users are more connected to their Smart Phones and their own devices than ever before.  

Libraries are adapting to fit with a world that is increasingly digital and where clients can use their own devices or public devices, to access documents and research easily, from home, on the go, or virtually anywhere life takes them. 

TBS’s portfolio is known for their advanced Self-Service Payment Solutions managing Fees/Fines payment with secure PCI Compliant Credit/Debit Card/cash solutions 

They also hold solutions in computer management, mobile printing, print management, scanning solutions and secure account-based payment methods. 

“I have worked with TBS for close to 20 years and have found them to be an innovative firm that brings forth great solutions for public libraries” Paul Mills, Executive Director Fountaindale Public Library District

TBS & ePRINTit Partnership

The partnership with TBS and ePRINTit strongly believes in a seamless workflow of digital document management. 

With TBS adding ePRINTit solutions to their portfolio, their clients can use simple email with multiple attached documents, public or private web portal file upload, with advanced private account and funds management, or use either our Private Enterprise or Public Mobile Print applications.  

“Technology continues to evolve, and as it does, it is becoming more and more integrated with society.  New technologies have allowed libraries to reach around the world providing unlimited access to digital archives. Librarians are more and more becoming leaders in digital transformation and at TBS we work hard to bring our clients the very latest in cloud technologies. ePRINTit cloud and mobile solution innovations have significantly improved the way  patrons discover, transfer and manage their documents. It’s truly the future of self-service.” says Lou Flavio, at TBS

About ePRINTit Technology

ePRINTit is a fully hosted and managed solution and built entirely in the Azure cloud and connected wherever internet is accessible.  Virtually no IT support is required. Libraries and higher education institutions will no longer need print servers or manage complicated print environments.  It’s a self-service, fully managed system available 24/7, connecting web-enabled devices with school and library technologies anywhere! 

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Enjoyed what you read? Share it!